Girly Birds (Early Bird series)

The Early Birds, or at least the female part of the famed group, have flown the coop (Florida) to help Mary Miller’s niece, Jennifer McDonald. She owns an eclectic shop in Estes Park, Colorado, and it needs some sprucing up.

Others subject that require Jenny’s full attention is her longtime boyfriend, Peter Webster (he’s left town for parts unknown). Another topic on her mind: her beloved VW Bus (Petunia only runs when it wants to).

While Mary Miller, Rose Wilford, and Betsy Stevenson are in Colorado, they try to convince Jennifer to hire someone so she can scoot on up to Rocky Mountain National Park to paint, paint, and paint some more. Use the gifts the Lord has given her.

Peter returns, but when he explains his absence and adds, “it’s complicated,” Jenny’s left to wonder if their love will survive their lack of communication skills. Or will they learn communication comes in more forms than talking to each other?

As with all the adventures that include the Early Birds, you’re sure to have a grand time on the road with the ladies. And Peter won’t disappoint you either. You will fall in love with him too. Rose says, “He’s a keeper.”